You will not know these four losses due to eating potatoes

Special things

1.Arthritic damage
2.Dangerous for Disease Patient
3.Blood pressure high

Will Not Know Four Losses Due Eating Potatoes

Fenugreek, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Peas, Brinjal … There are many vegetables to which potatoes are added. The potato called the King of plants is made daily in every home. Now you know about this vegetable coming from childhood that it is harming your body! So what will be your reaction? Knowing that every day somehow consumed in this form is not beneficial, but harmful to you. Here you are telling that the potato is finally damaging your body.


Increase weight

The more you dip the potatoes in the oil, it will make you fat. Yes, the abundance of carbohydrate in the potato blends the body. Potatoes contain proper amounts of fiber and vitamin C; they also help to make your body heavy. That is why weight loss carbohydrate foods are given in the diet of weight loss, in which the first number is a potato.

Will Not Know Four Losses Due Eating Potatoes



Arthritic damage

Starch and carbohydrate arthritis in the potato is not suitable for patients. It increases the weight of arthritis by increasing their weight. Therefore, it is avoided, if there is only food, eat less and without oil potatoes. Because deep fried and baked potatoes are more harmful.


Diseases in Dangerous

High intake of potato increases the amount of glucose in the body. Due to this, this quickly affects the heart of patients with diabetes. Because potatoes work to increase weights, therefore, diabetic people should eat less. According to a study, if a woman consumes more French fings and baked potatoes, then the chance of developing sort a pair of a polygenic disorder is on top of the remainder.


Blood pressure high

According to a study, if a person consumes four or more baked, boiled or mashed potatoes in a week, then he is more prone to high blood pressure than others. That’s why it’s used to control it.

Will Not Know Four Losses Due Eating Potatoes

Updated: December 10, 2017 — 4:26 am

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