When Is Mothers Day

When Is Mothers Day

When Is Mothers Day  As we know mothers day is celebrated on May 2nd Sunday Every Year?

Summary Of The Mothers Day

Mother is the first person in our life which is the utmost important person in our life nothing matter she is the mother of a boy or a girl she is the special person as well as the mother of the daughter or a son.it is said that son is closer to the mother and the daughter closer to their father. it means to say that they both are closer to the opposite sex like son ‘s loves a lot of his mother and as well as the daughter loves a lot of her father. in fact, as a girl, I also love my father a lot. In my life, my mother is my ideal she is full of knowledge, experience, smart, active, and etc.

When Is Mothers Day

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How To Celebrate Mothers Day In The World

Every country has their own traditional culture and style to celebrate it depends upon person how to celebrate mothers day. In America declared that there is a holiday on mothers day. many countries have followed the culture of America like declaring a holiday on mothers day. In every country, it is celebrated on different dates. people said that it ‘s not a big day to celebrate in my view it’s a very big day for every mother and every child makes their mom special day on the mother’s day. when is mothers day?

Different Ways To Celebrate Mothers Day

1. Spending good time with their mother.
2. Providing gifts.
3. Making handmade gifts for their mother.
4. Providing their mother’s favorite gift or thing.
5. Cook your mother’s favorite dish.
6. Make a homemade cake for our mum.
7. Give your mother a piece of favorite jewelry.
8. Providing a collection of pics of their mother childhood and her parents.
9. Make a kitchen gardening for ur mum.
10. Sing a sweet song for ur mum related to the mother song.

When Is Mothers Day

And mother becomes happy after providing all these things at least one day we can celebrate for our mother we can give their favorite flowers to make her smile & our mother give us everything in a whole year. she has not a single holiday for her rest. she is done her work without salary.

Gifts For Mother

1. Breakfast on the bed which is made by you which is our mum favorite.
2. Give her favorite flowers. which makes her day refreshing.
3. Give surprise to their mom like to meet someone special or her relatives.
4. Plan a short trip for a day. a place which our mum want to go.
5. Make small poetry for her.
6. Make a cute pics album for her. This gift for lifetime happiness when ur not with your mom.
7. A whole day spends with your mum it is the cheap & best gift for our mum.
8.A cute handmade a card for ur mum it is also a cheap & best gift for our mum.
9. Write quotes for her It Is the best gift for our mum or mother.
10. Make poetry on our mother.

History about mothers day celebration

Mothers day celebration behind a reason about spring celebration for honor Rhea the mother of Christian god in ancient time civilization according to the sources after it considering that name called “Mothering Sunday” in the UK. It was a tradition day for peoples of UK. On this occasion now it is celebrated in most of the country like India Uk, Australia Belgium, Italy, Canada, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, US. Now it is celebrated in most countries in a very well mannered. Many people want that mothers day is now more commercialized with cards, flower corners or shops, jewelry shops, gift shops, cafe & restaurants departmental & hotels and they won’t get extra offers & best deals on this occasion.


Symbols To  show An appreciation For Mother

  • Complete love & romance desire with fresh flowers like roses, lily, and which one your mothers favorite.
  • Give one day with joy and happiness with warmness.
  • Provide healthy food for the mother.
  • Gift a youthfulness packages for our mother.
  • Get appoint of a salon for your mother.

When Is Mothers Day
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How to spend a day with your mother on the occasion Of the mothers day

It is a great day to make their relationship stronger than before ignoring anything which is happening in your life before just chill and relax. you should have to spend some precious time on the occasion of the mothers day. in fact in your daily routine also .enjoy some time with your mother in your daily schedule. and on the occasion of the mothers day.  Make a whole day meal with your hands on mothers day.

How to celebrate mothers day in India

It is a very special event for mother and it comes only once in a year. who love a lot of their mother they celebrate this event in a very well mannered. people celebrate this day in different ways like going to church and many more things. the way of celebration has been changed in today ‘s modern time like they want more discounts or deals on this event like on grocery shops, gifts shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls or etc .mothers day is a widely spread event in the world.

When Is Mothers Day

Now India becomes too smart and high tech which is a great benefit for us to remind everything & now peoples are highly aware of their relationships through social media. as you know very well India is a very religious and cultural country so they give first priority to their mother.


A Grand celebration in schools

A celebration is organized by respective principles and teachers for mothers day which is a great idea to know the kids how precious their mother for them and that day also which is called mothers day . in the front of the kids celebrate mothers day. and school is cordially invited of their student ‘s mother and mother is participating in schools competition & games which was very funny and exciting and a student will also participate in these activities . and students should have to do something for their mother like sing a song or poetry. Mother also bring a special dish for kids and teacher and she distributed equally to everyone. and teachers are also enhanced her confidence and appreciation for her work as a mother.


PREVIEW  – Mother, Mum, Mummy, Maa all these.  words are one and who are with their mother he/she is very lucky. so plz care her try to understand her problem .and everything will have come again in your life but the mother will never come back in your life again. it’s a real fact so please don’t lose her in your life because just mum is mum none of the cans changes her place.she is the most important part of our life. give her respect and your proper time.

When Is Mothers Day 2020? – 2025

When Is Mothers Day?Date Week Of The Day
Mother’s Day 2019May 12, 2019Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2020May 10, 2020 Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2021May 9, 2021  Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2022May 8, 2022 Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2023May 14, 2023Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2024May 12, 2024Sunday 
Mother’s Day 2025May 11, 2025Sunday 

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