What Is Tetanus, What Is The Symptoms And Treatment

What Is Tetanus, What Is The Symptoms And Treatment Having tetanus is a problem of cramping in the body muscles. This condition can start after the infection of a serious injury and spreads throughout the body with a wound. It can also lead to death as a serious consequence. Learn what tetanus is, how it is, its symptoms and treatment, etc.


  • Tissue may occur if there are a wound/injury infections.
  • On tetanic ness, the muscles are intermittent and cramped.
  • The only disease preventable from immunization is tetanus.
  • It is not an infectious disease even though it is due to infection.



What is tetanus

Tetanus is said to be a state of constipation due to intermittent intercourse. Tetanus may occur if there is an infection in an injury or wound. If tetanus is not treated and its infection can spread throughout the body. There may be many severe tetanus consequences, though the good thing with this disease is that if the vaccination is done after the injury, it gets cured.

Causes of tetanus
There are many reasons and types of tetanus. Like-

Local tetanus

This is not such a simple type of tetanus. In this, there is a continuous spasm in the patient’s place of injury (wound). It takes weeks for the spasm to close. However, this type of tetanus is fatal in only 1% of patients.

Catholic tetanus

Caffeic teen often occurs with the autism media (a type of ear infection). It happens after an injury to the head. In particular, the cranial nerves in the part of the mouth are affected.

Universal tetanus

The most common tetanus is universal tetanus. Of the total cases of tetanus, 80 percent of the patients are in general tetanus. Its effect starts from the head and comes in the lower body. Its first symptom is trisomy or jaw lock (Lock Jaw). Other symptoms include tightness in the mouth muscles, which are called rhesus sardonic. After this, there is tightness in cramps in the neck, difficulty in swallowing, muscles of chest and shingles. Some other symptoms include fever, sweating, increased blood pressure, and cardiovascular progression when cramping occurs.

What Is Tetanus, What Is The Symptoms And Treatment     ticketnew

Tetanus in infants

This tetanus occurs in the newborns who do not get passive immunity from the mother while they are in the womb. Or when pregnancy is not properly vaccinated Usually, this navel wound is not properly dried or dry. This infection can occur in the newborn because of not using sterile equipment in cutting the umbilicus. This is the reason that about 14 percent of the newborns die of tetanus. However, this figure is much lower in developed countries.
How does tetanus

This infection occurs from ‘Tetanospasmin.’ Tetanospasmin is a life-threatening neurotoxin, which comes from bacteria called Clostridium tetani. These bacteria are found in dust, mud, iron powdered mud, etc. When the body wound comes in contact with this bacteria for some reason, this infection occurs. On the increase of the infection, the first jaw muscles come in the spasm (it is also called lockjaw), after which there is difficulty in swallowing, and then this infection causes stiffness and cramps in the body muscles.

People who are not vaccinated with tetanus during childhood are more likely to get the infection. Tetanus is a problem not only in India but all over the world. But in the places of humidity, where the manure in the soil is high, the risk of tetanus is high. This is because of the soil that is used for fertilization, animals like horses, sheep, goats, dogs, rats, pigs, etc. are used. And these bacteria are in profusion in the intestines of these animals. These bacteria have also been seen in people who work in fields.

Treatment of tetanus
The following procedure is done for the treatment of tetanus.

1.Metronidazole is used for ten days.
3.Immunization of tetanus
4.If there is a serious disease, intensive treatment is provided for intensive care.
5.Human tetanus immunoglobulin is given intramural.
6.Tracheostomy is given for 3 to 4 weeks for mechanical air communication.
7.Magnesium is given by intravenous to prevent muscular cramps due to tetanus.
8.Diazepam (which is derived from the Valium name) is given continuously by intravenous.

The patient can be placed on a mechanical ventilator. To save the life from tetanus, it is necessary to give an artificial respiratory (AIR) and proper nutrition diet. 3500 to 4000 calories and at least 150 grams of protein is transmitted daily to the stomach by tube in the form of fluid.

The only disease preventable from immunization is tetanus. Although infections cause this disease, it is not the infectious disease. Infection does not spread from infected patient to another.

What Is Tetanus, What Is The Symptoms And Treatment


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