Weak Immunity Increases Bacterial Virus Strength 2017

Weak Immunity Increases Bacterial Virus Strength 2017


For this reason, seasonal diseases caused by viruses and bacteria are taking seriously.


In the absence of unbalanced food and physical activity, the disease resistance of the people is weakening. For this reason, seasonal diseases caused by viruses and bacteria are taking seriously.


Understand such
The use of antibiotic medicine without advice is also very active for bacteria. Just like last year, bacteria were a major factor in most cases of the I flu, but these days viruses have also been seen. With the absence of a vaccine for some special viruses and bacteria, they are spreading. In such a situation, they affect the victim and make the situation critically.


Changes in these diseases
Apart from eye flu, this change has been noticed in major bacteria and virus-borne diseases like chikungunya, malaria, dengue etc.


Those diseases which were cured in a few days, they last longer and take the form of a serious disease. Like winter-cold from influenza now has taken the form of swine flu.


Chikungunya: pain and fever
This is a viral disease that is caused by Aedes Egypti and Aedes Abloppitus mosquito. Symptom: Individual fever, severe pain in all joints. By which he can not move Headaches, swelling in joints, and skin Reshej.


Treatment: Pain medicines and fluid are given.


Change: Because of viral disease, its symptoms are not seen in the early stages. During this change, if the patient gets a bacterial infection after the change in the weather, then the bacterial effect is seen as well as the virus.


Dengue: Cough & platelets fall
It is spread by four types of dengue virus, which is caused by Aedes mosquito bites.


Symptoms: Fever in 4-10 days of mosquito bites, acute pain in hands and feet, cough and throat pain After one, another type of dengue virus is in the grip, platelets fall, filling water in the stomach and lungs and BP falls.


Treatment: Offer IV fluid and platelets.


Change: If the patient also comes in contact with bacteria in severe condition than the other organs also have an effect. Such as swelling in the brain, cracking of the nerves, slowing the functioning of the heart, lungs, and liver.

Updated: November 14, 2017 — 5:22 pm

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