Top 5 Tips For Healthy Strong Nails Nail Care 2017

Top 5 Tips For Healthy Strong Nails Nail Care 2017

The attractive and strong nails enhance the beauty of the hands and also enhance the personality. How can you make your nails healthy? Come on, we’ll tell.

1. Massage from Qualified Oil
To strengthen the nails, massage with a curative oil containing vitamin E. For this, regularly soak the cotton balls in the daytime on the nails and massage them gradually.

2. Use Free Acetone Nail Remover
Use free acetone nail remover to remove nail polish. Using acetone al nail remover, the nails become rigid and tight, and their glow to becomes faded. The free acetone nail remover also retains the nail paint as well as retains the nail glow.

3. Use good quality file
Do not use files made from metal or more hard materials to shape nails. From this, nails are rough and sometimes they break down while giving shape. Use soft file for their protection. Do not buy cheap files by mistake.

4.Vitamin B5 is also important
Due to the lack of vitamin B5, nails become dry, dry and tight. In such cases consuming foods containing vitamin B5, nails grow well and they become stronger inside. Vitamin B5 also gives natural light to the fingernails.

5. Do not forget to make Moisturiser
Do not just massage the nail polish, but even before sleeping in the night, massage the moisturizer around the fingers and lightly massage it. This makes the skin around the nails smooth and the nails growth is also good. Nails also shine with the use of moisturizers.

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