These 5 things to improve your eye vision

Using night, phone, computer, TV, there is an adverse effect on the eyes. Due to the increasing pollution nowadays, the problem of burning of dust particles, toxic fumes from burning sensation, prick and eyes is increasing in people. Do not be weak in eyes, keep some things in mind.


eye problem


Reduce Use of Technology

Experts are also insisting on the least use of phones, computers, etc. It may be your compulsion to work on the computer in the office, but not at home. Keep distance from the computer, mobile at home.




Eating better

Just don’t eat food to feed. Embrace things within the diet that have an immediate impact on your eye’s health. Embrace the maximum amount alimental and protein-rich foods as potential within the food. Eat many green leafed vegetables like spinach, fish, fruits, etc. consumption they don’t have the matter of dry eye syndrome within the eyes.





Checkup is necessary

Eyes are being irritation, pricking or working on a computer, water comes out with eyes, then get eyes examined. The eyesight is entirely correct, or there is no problem even during reading, but at least check the eyes at least once a year.




Blink of eyelids

If you work long hours on a computer, keep your fingers blinking at least three to four times per second. It follows the eyes fresh and stress-free. Doing this will not even cause a strain on your eyes.




Do the eyes also exercise.

Exercise to keep eyesight and health right. Rubbing the two palms together When the palms become warm, keep them lightly on the eyes This will remove the tension and pain of eyes. If you come out from the outside, kill the water splash. This will remove dust particles, and there will be no damage to the eyes.


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Updated: November 21, 2017 — 9:37 pm

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