This recipe will shine your teeth like pearls in 3 minutes Teeth Whitening 2017

This recipe will shine your teeth like pearls in 3 minutes Teeth Whitening

Hello everybody Welcome to My Blog, you are very welcome in the home remedies of Ayurveda!
Today I will share this video with a remedy which can be used to brighten the pants of pants like a pearl in 3 minutes! And this recipe is very tremendous and effective
If you are troubled by the yellowing of the teeth, this recipe will definitely use!


Due to being pimples, you do not get laughing in front of people and you have to face embarrassment! Piglets also do not look good in tooth and reduce your confidence too!
The first thing to make these prescriptions is that Colgate
And this Colgate will take a clean bowl in which Colgate will get out as much as we take to


brush every day!
Now the second thing is that the lemon we will now add half the juice of  lemon into the bowl.
The third thing is that the banking soda, we will now put this baking soda in a pinch bowl and start filling the foam. Now mix these three well!



Now we will brush it well by putting it in toothbrush and use this process 3 times in the week by giving a gap of one day, so if you do 2 wks then your teeth will start to shine like pearls whether it is due to tobacco eating or pan gutka Due to eating, your teeth become pale black
Will be completely clean

Updated: May 8, 2019 — 11:41 am

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