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This recipe will make you so fair in a week. You will never think that you will be beautiful |Skin Whitening Tips 2017

This recipe will make you so fair in a week. You will never think that you will be beautiful |Skin Whitening Tips


Hello everybody Welcome to My Blog, you are very welcome in the home remedies of Ayurveda.
Today I will share this video with remedies that will give you a great start
and brightness in your face in 1 week, that you will never think.


Please watch this video end here as I will show some tips in the video end here.
Making this recipe is easy and simple! For this, you have to use 1 teaspoon of
Sugar to take sugar, after putting this prescription on your face, you have
to put on your face, which I will tell at the end of the video.



After taking 1 teaspoon of sugar, you have to use another thing that is Lemon
Now we will thoroughly deepen lemon in the sugar and after deepening
We have to scrub it for 10 minutes before bathing every day
And after the scrub, the juice of the lemon will also be
Have to keep your face up to 10 lemons

Skin Whitening Tips

If you keep this process continued until almost 2 Weeks, then you can get tremendous results.
Now I will talk about things and tips that I said at the beginning of the video that I will
tell you at the end of the video. Aloe vera is to use the Aloe vera gel and how to use it
I will tell you to lighten your face. Wash it with a lot of water and after washing,
clean towel clean your face


Then put the Aloe vera jail on your face for 30 minutes, after which when you
feel that the pleasure has been done then you have to take a little message
Washing your face with cold water and you will see your face results by
doing this process up to 2 Weeks.In today’s video,
it was just that today’s remedies.

Skin Whitening Tips

Updated: December 10, 2017 — 6:49 am

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