The risk of using expired condoms

Condoms have long end dates, but it is best to use them before. The latex condom can be used for six years if stored in a cool and dry place. Condoms fail when their structural integrity is compromised. It is exposed to heat and moisture by placing it in your wallet or anywhere, and when its end date expires, structural integrity is disturbed. The risk of using expired condoms is more than just unwanted pregnancy, and it can cause STD or only irritation.

The risk of using expired condoms

The Risk of damage to expired condoms

After the end of the latex condom expiry date, its latex begins to dry out after making the latex fragile. With more drying, the elasticity and strength of condom are getting worse. Old condoms, it is more likely to break, even some condoms used to be effective after the expiry date of spermicide. The reason for this is that the substance that spills the sperm loses its lubrication and loses its effectiveness.

The Risks of expired condom use

  • Unwanted pregnancy –This is the most obvious risk factor associated with the use of a deadline condom. Men cannot stop speaking to their partner for the risk of pregnancy. Pre-ejaculation is good for causing pregnancy because they can enter before ejaculation. The weak content of condoms is a risk of brakes or tears. Small holes or rips can be seen without you. They provide the route of sperm to enter the vagina for conception.

expired condoms

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) -Due to the unwanted pregnancies, the risk of using expired condoms that are terminated is similar to the transmission of STDs. Since the condom is no longer capable of preventing the mixture of body fluids, viruses and infected particles can reach from one person to another. One of the pitfalls of the expired condoms, which has lost its stability and flexibility, is that it can break inside the vagina during intercourse and move from one person to the other towards the transfer of STD.


  • Irritation – It is considered safe to use a condom, even though it does not use anyone, despite its expiration. Therefore, if you find yourself in a circumstance, when there is only one piece left at home, and there is no possibility of it being sufficiently fast, you may have to use it. The dry and brittle condom can cause irritations in the member or vaginal skin, and may even be the reason for slight scratches.

Ensure that you can check the pack by using expired condoms and replace one if it is close to the end

Updated: December 30, 2017 — 6:45 pm

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