Potatoes improve your health and even in beauty

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Potatoes improve your health and even in beauty

Potatoes improve your health and even in beauty


Potato is the most popular and most used vegetable. The specialty of the potato is that it gets adjusted with every vegetable. Although the reason for this misconception of potato increases obesity. People shy away from eating it. But knowing about the tremendous benefits of potatoes, you will start adding it to more and more food every day.


In the food, potato tastes, but there are also many medicinal and beauty related properties. Potatoes are full of nutritious elements. The highest amount of starch is found in potato. Potato is alkaline, which keeps the amount of alkaline in the body. Potatoes contain soda, potassium, and vitamins ‘A’ and ‘D’ in sufficient quantity. Apart from this, potatoes also contain magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. Potato carbohydrate and proteins, glucose and amino acids, give the power to the body immediately. Apart from this, many types of antioxidants are also found in the potato. Which protects against free radical damage.



Beneficial potato


Potato elements make the bone stronger. Eating roasted potatoes are filled with stomach, and you avoid eating more calories. This way it is helpful in reducing weight. Its fiber also prevents weight gain. Potatoes should always be cooked with the peel. Because, the most nutritious part of the potato is just below the skin, which is full of protein and mineral. Potatoes are boiled or fried, so its nutritious ingredients are easily digested. Let us tell you about potato properties.


Potato properties


  • Potato should be used for injury. Occasionally the skin becomes blue after injury. Grinding raw potatoes on a blue-plated place is beneficial.
  • Potatoes are very beneficial to protect against wrinkles. Grinding raw potatoes on wrinkles will end wrinkles.
  • Potatoes should be used for skin allergies or skin diseases. Applying raw potato juice helps in skin disease.
  • .If roasted from the interiors, then baked potatoes should be used. This removes stomach’s constipation and the intestines.
  • Potato should be used when acidified. To protect against acetic acid, it is beneficial to bake potatoes, take out its peel, and eat it with salt and pepper.
  • Potato should be used for kidney stones. The stone patient can be removed only by feeding potatoes and drinking more water over and over again.
  • Cutting the pot on the eyes by reducing the spoon and wrinkles around the eyes ends.
  • Potato is beneficial for face color. Grinding potatoes on the skin make the color Fair.
  • By mixing potato juice with honey, feeding the babies is suitable for the children.

The green part of the potato should not be eaten at all. Because the green part is a toxic substance called Solanine which is harmful to the body. Apart from this, potato sprouts should not be used as well.


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