What is Nightfall in men and What are causes

Nightfall is a natural process in which a man gets ejaculation while sleeping. There are many reasons for this.

What is Nightfall in men and What are causes

1. Nightfall

Dreaming of semen when sleeping is called a dream diarrhea. Dream interpretation is a natural physiological response to a dream. Due to this, the abundance of sperm cells that are constantly formed within a male is taken out of the body. Behind the state of dreams, there may be many reasons for eating or drinking. Nightfall affects women as well. However, the symptoms and causes of dreams are different in women. This is a common occurrence.

2. Men in nightfall

Nightfall is a natural act in men, under which a man gets ejaculation during sleep, during which men also experience an auto-penetrating sensation. For some boys, dreams can be their first semen.

3.Obscene fantasy

The main reasons for nightfall are pornography, pornography and women’s reminder. In mind, the passional thoughts of pleasure or luxury or the nightfall of lust, are the cause of the mind. Although many times think about sex, there may be nightfall.

Excess consumption of milk products

4.Excess consumption of milk products

Due to the high amount of ghee-milk, nuts-dessert, or sometimes drinking hot milk overnight, men may have nightfall due to sleep. This can happen even after sleeping after eating food.

5.Poor diet and stomach constipation

Constipation in the stomach and weakness of the nervous system can also be the reason for this problem. Also, the use of more pepper spices, tasteful and rich food and lustful fullness are also responsible for this problem. It may also be due to excess food even before bedtime.

6.Distance from partner,  

Sometimes the nightfall may start even if the girlfriends or spouses get away for some reason. Lover-girlfriend also has a dream impediment in spite of being a bright face. It can also be a reason for late marriage.

7.Due to mental pressure

Sometimes, due to sudden fear, the body becomes very relaxed, which reduces the control of the brain on the functioning of body parts, resulting in a nightfall.


8.Treat nightfall

To avoid nightfall, eat mango bean every day and drink carrot juice on it. Or, grind the basil root and drink it with water. If the roots are not found, then take two spoons of seeds in the evening. Even chewing neem leaves daily gets mixed with the problem of nightfall.

9.Do not watch porn or movies while sleeping

Before sleeping, watching porn or watching a porn movie, in the night, they wander in sight, which emits your sex emotions and becomes nightfall. So if you are having nightfall problems, then try to avoid this kind of content.

Regular Meditation and Yoga

10.Regular Meditation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation daily will have the power of desire, and your mind is also calm. So do yoga a little while every day and sit in meditation. You can also get help with a yoga expert.

Seek doctor's help

11.Seek doctor’s help

If the nightfall is continuously happening for a long time, and you are experiencing considerable debatability, then it is time to meet your doctor. It is possible that you are having this problem due to a physical disorder. So meet a sexologist and talk about your problem. 

Updated: December 25, 2017 — 10:43 pm

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