Magical White Clay Get Fair Skin In 10 Minute Only 2017

Magical White Clay Get Fair Skin In 10 Minute Only 2017


Today I have brought in this video to Face Pack Instant Face Pack which makes your skin shine up to three-shed lighters in 8 to 10 minutes and is the ingredient of the house.


And make this face pack and keep it in the fridge
These face packs work on every type of skin, whether you have a dry skin, a lot of oily skin, a normal skin, or a very sociable skin, if you have A pimple or Acne or any kind of bleeding or Eczema Still, this pack can easily fit


The first ingredient is gourd, which is called Kadu or ghee Bottle guard is called many places


When the gourd cuts half and does not stop for a minute
A glue appears to be visible, it is very important to have brown color for your black spot or for freshness.
It is very important to have a gourd whose skin is not very quick or skin tone, this happens, which removes the Darkspot very easy and contains a lot of vitamins E And this is brown because Vitamin A is also very happy in the work of Vitamin E to repair the skin.The work of Vitamin A is done to correct the old skin which becomes skin dead, the cell memorandum becomes dead, which is a repaired new skin, it is very good.


Take care of gourd if the seed is hard then it is to be remodeled if the seeds are soft then put such a situation seed. It is very good for the skin. If you cut the seed, then the gel that comes out is like gelatin Works of


Next is the ingredient Pumpkin is Pumpkin also very useful as it is filled with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Vitamin C is the work of repairing the cell. The work of Vitamin A is to move the wrinkle as much as Pumpkin is as much red as it’s Inside Vitamin A is found


Next ingredient lemon
Here we will use both lemon juice and peel
Why Lemon Vitamin A and Vitamin E both dissolve


Now all ingredients will be cut into small pieces and wash it again. Then add 50 ml of water in the pan and add this paste cotton cloth and squeeze it. Then the paste juice will get out. If you put the juice in the fridge chiller then store 3 months Can do


Next ingredient is Kaolin’s Clay Powder
Kaolin Clay is very good for skin, very smoothly removes the skin of the dust, it tightens the skin, there are many properties in Kaolin Clay


Put Juice in Kaolin Clay and Make Paste
When your paste is ready, apply it on your face and neck, let it dry for 10 minutes, when it comes to pleasure, wash it with cold water and you will get the resulting instant you will see it
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Magical White Clay Get Fair Skin In 10 Minute Only 2017



Bottle Gourd / Lauki: 70Gm

Orange Pumpkin / Kohda: 70Gm

Lemon / Nimbu : 10Gm

Kaolin Clay: 2Gm

Updated: May 8, 2019 — 11:39 am

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