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Magical Weight Loss With Lavender Tea | Stop Stagnant weight 2017

Magical Weight Loss With Lavender Tea | Stop Stagnant weight 2017


Today I bought this video into Lavender tea which is very easy to make and it will help your stagnant weight reducing and in your in-loses, it is very good to increase the morale in itself, as well as protects against depression and diabetes like depression and sugar cravings.
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Dr. Shalini Weight Loss

Today I have brought lavender tea a very cheerful and a very good place in Ayurveda, how lavender changes your life and protects you from many diseases, you will be very surprised to know.


Only work in lavender beauty or skin treatment does not work
It works for your health benefits whether you are diabetic, thyroid or peacock, or any kind of hormonal problem or disturbed, it is going to do with your weight only. Your very own help lavender will fight various types of diseases and your hormones Helps in increasing

Dr. Shalini Weight Loss

The way the thyroid and insulin occur, the cortisol is a hormone similar to that of a stress hormone which is very stressful due to stress or tension. This is a common problem in today’s life, which causes cortisol hormone.
Increasing the cortisol hormone increases the weight and increases the heat crushing and reduces the metabolic rate.


It is important to have a cortisol hormone maintain the maintenance of metabolic rate high and weight loss is fast and if the cortisol does not keep the hormone in the mouth, then there is no need to feel helpless sex which does not feel in any way. And remember anything, it cannot be remembered for a long time, because the power of remembering decreases.


Dr. Shalini Weight Loss

Measurements :
Water:- 400 ML
Dry Lavender Flower:- 5 Gram


Method Of Making Stagnant Weight Loss:

•Boil Lavender Flower With Water At Least 5 To 7 Minute
•Let Them Cool For 15 Minute
•Store In Glass Jar
•Preserve This Lavender Tea In Your Refrigerator 10 To 15 Days
•Freeze In The Form Of Ice For Use Of 3 Months.

Magical Weight Loss with Lavender Tea


How & When To Take
•Above 18 Years ( 18 saal se Upar walo Ke Liye ):- 2 Se 3 Spoon In One Day (1 tbsp each time: Morning, Noon, Evening


Meals Gap In Between Tea & Food should be 10 to 15 minute


•14 to 18 years 2 tbsp In One Day (Meals Gap In Between Tea & Food should be 10 to 15 minute)
•Below 14, They should avoid taking This Tea Not Recommended To Them.

Dry Lavender Flower:- http://amzn.to/2j7W6YO
Dry Lavender Flower:- http://amzn.to/2eNZ5UK

Magical Weight Loss with Lavender Tea

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Updated: December 15, 2017 — 12:10 am

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