Magical Skin Whitening Face Pack | Get the world’s best bright skin in 15 minutes 2017

Magical Skin Whitening Face Pack | Get the world’s best bright skin in 15 minutes 2017


Hello Everybody Welcome to My Blog You are very welcome in the home remedies of Ayurveda.

Friends, in the summer, our skin comes in the sunshine and pollution contact, it starts to be quite dark and dark, due to which dark spots start to come, I have come here because of the skin lightning and brightening treatment, which will not be used to remove your dark skin but rather Those spots which are your spots will be cured and the blackheads will start working.

Step 1:
This is a very simple and easy treatment which is complete in two steps.
The first is the scrubber and the second is the face pack
To make scrubber,3 spoon rice flour and 3 teaspoons aloe vera gel
Now you mix these two in a clean bowl.

Step 2:
To make the second step face pack, we need lentil pulse powder and a pinch of turmeric powder and a spoonful of coffee powder and water as needed.
Now make a paste by mixing all these ingredients in a clean bowl.

Step 3:
How to use this scrub and face pack now
The first number is now scrub
First, take the scrub and apply it on your face and do not put your eyes and lips on the membrane, let it remain for 5 minutes for 5 minutes after you massage your hands with a light hand and massage well After washing your face with the natural water and clean it with a towel.

Step 4:
Now after applying the scrub the number comes up to apply the face pack
First, take the face pack and put your scrubbed face face face pack well
Masoor lentils clean the skin of the open pores of our skin, as well as tighten the pores of our skin and throw out the extra oil from the skin and also removes the fine line dark skin and dark spots.

Step 5:
After taking it well, leave it for 10 minutes on your face and after 10 minutes is complete massage with your little hands after you massage well, wash it with water and clear towel clean your face. And this process is done twice a week. Surely friends, this trust is very useful, and this process is used twice a week. Friends in trust, this recipe is very useful.

Updated: November 14, 2017 — 5:26 pm

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