No Diet No Exercise Lose Weight 10 KG In One Month With Magical Green Juice 2017

No Diet No Exercise Lose Weight 10 KG In One Month With Magical Green Juice  2017


Today I have come here in this video a weight loss juice which you can lose weight up to 10 kg in one month, there is no need to do any diet in it. First mile the first mile in the morning is to take this juice. Weight loss will be done only but for those who have problems, loss of weight, which is a diabetic perspective, they have a lot of problems and for them this juice is very good for hyperthyroid people, very good This is very good for a person, and for those who have a stone, then it is a happy news. It is a very good juice for the stone and kidneys. The skin will be very good. The wrinkles will end. By taking this juice and also the skin too glows Will be spotless skin whose hair loss will stop their hair loss and this is a multi purpose juice


The first ingredient is potato which we call potato
Potassium in Potato, which balances the sodium
Potato contains iron which fixes your blood’s problem Anti oxidant hot, blood flow is correct


Next ingredient is Karaella, which we call Bitter Guard
Bitter gourd contains negative calories 200 grams if you eat Karaella
If you get 30 calories and balance insulin then there is a very good thing for a diabetic person.
Detox makes Karaella liver, which is a problem of urine, is also very good for them.
Karaella Blood Detox Does Blood Detox Is Very Important To Be Slim


Next ingredient is Curry leaf
Curry leaf contains Vitamin A which is very good for the eyes. It is good for the blood. Eye Shadow is very good. It has Vitamin B, which has a problem in pregnancy or consume it also contains folic acid, which is for our body. Very beneficial Vitamin C keeps an anti-aging anti-bacterial and immune system tight inside its Vitamin E which makes your body very beautiful Anti-Aging And skin becomes good too


Next ingredient is coriander leaf                                                                                                                          which we also call coriander leaf contains coriander, potassium balances sodium, it balances the body’s water, it is very good for the high BP person, it contains Vitamin K, Vitamin K The basic thing is to keep the blood perfect and it contains green proteins, green protein is very good


Now we start making juice
Cut bitter gourds into small pieces and remove the bitter gourd
Wash the next coriander thoroughly
Insert the next curry leaf
Next Made Size POTA
Next Ginger is trying to put fresh ginger
Next is to put a garlic
200 ml water is required


Now you have to make good paste in the mesh jar, make a paste very well, after which the juice is released, now the juice is half spooned lime juice, which is the problem of sour, will not put the stem
Add half a teaspoon black salt and mix the juice well.


How to take juice
1)Have juice as a first meal,after15 mins take heavy breakfast, n 150 ml normal milk tea
2) light lunch after 15 green tea 150 ml
3) very light in between 7:30-8:30 pm no green tea.
4) 1/2 sweet almond oil before bed.

10 kg loss means people who have weight to lose.if u r 65 kg to 85 kg Your result wary in 2-5 kg.

If u r 50-60 kg u will get good skin, hair, look n healthy body.
Diabetic patients (325):- skip potato
Hypothyroidism use 25 gm coriander leaves
BP patients:- skip black salt, use normal salt or skip salt if possible


50gm coriander leaves
2inchs karela(bitter guard)
1/2inch ginger
Potato (opinions, people who r suffering from stone problem only for those, rest people just skip) 50gm
Garlic.1 PC
Curry leaves (key ingredient, don’t skip)
Lemon juice(optional) 10drops
Black salt 1/2 tsp
Make juice as per video instructions



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