KALONJI TEA, Tummy Tuck Tea Weight Loss, Filling the super fast and effective stomach fat 2017

KALONJI TEA, Tummy Tuck Tea Weight Loss, Filling the super fast and effective stomach fat 2017

Today in this article tummy tuck brought summer drinks
By which tummy tuck will be very easy to have so many ingredients
Has 4 material and it will also have weight loss which is weight loss
They will lose weight if you are already slim then your


Only this tummy tuck will be this drink can never overweight you, which you have an extra allergy; This drink can be drunk in every kind of disease. Anyone from 12 years to 70 years can take this drink Arthritis or There will be a lot of help for asthma patients. This drink is a migraine that will help them too. This is a whole touch in the head. This is not just slimming but it is a start.


The first ingredient is cumin, cumin is very suitable for swimming, to reduce the stomach, and to increase intestine digestion, to reduce acidity, and to calm the mind, the cumin is very important for all these things. is


Take 1 liter of water and pour 1 spoon cumin in water
Boil for 5 minutes and well, so that it gets infused. You have to take care before making this tactic. First, you have to add cumin seeds.
The second content is Kalonji, which is the most important. Do not ever ignore Kalangi. Always use your lifestyle. If you take heavy food, you should have black vegetables, if you are eating any food with flour, then Kalonji will intestine in itself. Gives a very good place to digestion
There is the power to set intestine inside kalonji


Cancer has the power to fight, but which is the most important for slimming, the power to fight bleaching is very great, which is the extra water in your body which increases with sodium, which increases fluid. Gets too much control by taking extra sugar


When the mixture of sugar and salt begins to accumulate in the body itself, in such a way the fluid remains in the body for 21 days, it will become fat that will take 2 to 3 months to reduce if you work hard so whenever you If you are making a summer tea, then Kalonji is definitely pouring 1 spoon


Next is Saif, the biggest problem of Sauf. If your body has a cough or your body has a mux or there is some kind of fluid then you can not drink fennel because the cold drink will be bloating, for a lot of soft slimming There is a very good thing in the fennel, the hysteria dynamo acid Improves your digestion and it also sharpens the brain and keep one thing in mind, after tasting tea, it is not cold to drink, it should be slightly warmed by mistake, it is necessary to pour 1 spoon


The next material is graft, grapes, and grind it with a 1-inch piece, the main reason for grafting is that it removes allergies from the body, bloating also causes allergies. If you are allergic then bloating will get you body If the fluid is swollen, then there is an effective role in ginning of ginger in the form of a good anti body and the problem of arthritis or hormone gum for them. It is easy to boil and boil it for 5 minutes in the low flame and does not make the Steam. It should be taken care that you cover and boil. The time for boiling 1-liter water total is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes boil, rest for 5 minutes and then prepare your tea. Become and filter by


You can take this t from 150 mL to 350 ml
Take 2 times in one morning and the other before sleeping at night
Those who have Bloating have to take 450 ml in the entire day
150 ml, 150 ml will be the first t he break
Take it first and take 30 minutes after the launch, take this t
Take care that this tea is always hot, drink cold, so much
May be problem


KALONJI TEA, Tummy Tuck Tea Weight Loss, Filling the super fast and effective stomach fat 2017



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