Hyper Pigmentation Fairness Pack, Whitening Pack 2017

Hyper Pigmentation Fairness Pack, Whitening Pack  2017


In just 4 minutes, the white coconut skin is for hyper pigmentation. For these packs, there is no problem with a skin for black spots or dark spots, it will give a very good result in this pack.


Today I have come to this pigmentation pack in this video. Many people have asked me to pack up to be fair. Just a little bit of a twist. Basic I have made this pack in powder form, so you are able to make a stock by making a win and it is very easy. I’ll tell you how to use it

Boys or girls who live in hostels are very good for them and any other people can apply whether you are boys or girls, if they are 12 years old or 80 years old, they can all have very natural packs and very good results It comes
It is just that people of 50 plus people will have a little slow and the results will be slightly slower and people will apply it if the results will be fast but the color is very clean. If there is any problem in your skin, things are fine, things are fine It can not be that she is wearing a pimple and a pimple


So start


1. The first material has a lot of Easy content. This is the work of Multani clay basically Multani Soil is to foam and condition the skin. Here we will use 1 Table spoon Multani clay


2. The second ingredient is kaolin clay kaolin clay is very good for skin white and is very good for hyper pigmentation for fairness. kaolin clay, Here we will use 1 table spoon kaolin clay


3.Next content is Mulethi powder, it is licorice powder. It is very easy to get everywhere. It is a little sweeter in the test. It also has the account and it works in many beauty products. It will remove the infection of the face as well as skin. It will remove the infection and this anti-bacterial is very good for your skin, it is also done with an acne pimple but I would like to tell you something If you only use the Muthi Powder Regular, then it spoils the hair growth of your face but this is the use of the powder in the hair pack, the hair grows and increases Dandruff, because the hair quality of the face is different Head quality of hair is different. Here, we will use 1 table spoon milk powder


4. This is the content of the sandal powder. Here we will use half tea spoon sandal powder and this is the great sandalwood powder. This is the very good quality of sandalwood powder. It is very good to be attracted to everyone.
I would recommend this if you get it, then you will put half a spoon in it, it will give a very good result in quantity, pour another sandal powder, which is 100 gm packet of 50 or 100 rupees, it will have to pour two tables, but only then Its result will be a little mild because some things mix in it. Keep in mind that as the quality of the quality is good, the result will be the sandal powder itself. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and excellent for skin, if the candle is of good quality, it also contains Haiden oil which eliminates dark to deep stains, also in small pox and in the chicken pox, the use of sandalwood will be used. is


5.Next content is that yeast is a quarter spoon baking yeast which is very cheap which we use for making a cake and making bread is a bakery used. If you go to the grocery shop, you can buy 10 rupees or 20 A pack of 10 grams of rupees will be available in the rupee. The dust of any type of stain, which is the upper stain i.e. which is not from birth or has been caused by any reason, is very successful in removing the stain. Received no side effects or does not Reaction is Frment yourself why would do again this yeast is what makes the work of the bakery


Now mix all the ingredients well, they are making so much if you use regular or weekly, then 1 month will go for rest and one month’s dosage which is made is not going to be costly. It is very affordable in price You will get ready but if you use regular use then you will get very many benefits and do not forget to use it regularly


Now I tell you how to make it exactly how much quantity you have to take exactly
Take half a spoon and do not use it as a natural water if you have fruit
If there is juice or vegetable juice you will use it, then the result will be very good
If you do not have it, then keep in mind that loop warm water or light hot water mixed with cold tap water, you will not be able to trigger yeast.
When the mixture is mixed with warm water then the yeast will trigger and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes after making the paste, if you have time, then leave it for 30 minutes then it will be better if it is a permit, then it’s medicated properties It comes out and comes out and it will become thicker and put the water too hot, then the yeast will be dead and do not make more thick paste, there is a thin face on the entire face and neck. Have to put


Covering the face and neck is to cover 10 to 15 minutes until the pleasure does not go dry in the AC and not drying, then there will be a lot of happiness and a proper result will not be found which are used to make your skin pure. The result will be found in 4 minutes as the result will get the hand, which will keep the hyper pigmentation for 15 minutes.



Is Pack Ko Apply Karne Ke Baad Koi Bhi Moisturizer Zaroor Lgaye
For Measurements

kaolin clay :- http://amzn.to/2wBWZ1z {Affiliate}

kaolin clay :- http://amzn.to/2voAgGb {Affiliate}

Sandalwood Powder :- http://amzn.to/2wPCqie {Affiliate}

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Multani Mitti :- http://amzn.to/2wPcmUs {Affiliate}

Yeast :- http://amzn.to/2wrtPll {Affiliate}

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Mulethi :- http://amzn.to/2w16Qws {Affiliate}

Mulethi :- http://amzn.to/2xgynZq {Affiliate}

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