How To Brush Your Teeth Learn 5 Tips 2017

How To Brush Your Teeth Learn 5 Tips


You brush every day for cleaning teeth and keeping them healthy. But do you know the right way to brush? Yes, it is extremely important to brush them properly in order to take proper care of teeth, otherwise, all your efforts can be useless as pain in the tooth or other problems. Know this method of cleaning teeth.


1. To keep teeth healthy, you must brush them after eating. But do not brush it right after eating, but clean the teeth after at least an hour so that the enamel after eating can work on your teeth.


2. Not just at the time of the morning but brushing at night after one hour of eating or sleeping so that the bacteria do not stay in the mouth and teeth, else bacteria that are enjoying all night can damage the teeth.

3. If you are in haste while brushing and rinse only one or two round brushes, then this method is wrong. Brush for at least 2 minutes and run the brush on the side of teeth from the side of the gum, i.e., to clear the plaque.

4. Do not emphasize teeth while brushing, due to which their roots can be weak and can cause pain in the teeth. Brush with light hands and use a brush with soft bristles.

5. Once per week clean the teeth with lemon so that their yellowing will decrease and your teeth will look white and shiny. Also use Vitamin C, Yoghurt, Salad etc., it is beneficial for teeth.



How To Brush Your Teeth Learn 5 Tips

Updated: November 14, 2017 — 5:22 pm

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