Health benefits of peanuts 2017

Health benefits of peanuts

Special things

1. Mungfoli helps in weight loss
2. Mungfli improves digestion
3. Mungfli protects against cancer


Protein, good fats, and nutrients are abundant in peanut Eating a handful of peanuts help reduce weight loss and reduces heart problems. According to research conducted in the US National Institute of Allergy and Infusions Diseases (NIAID), if children start feeding peanut foods in the beginning, then the risk of allergenicity decreases 81 percent. Apart from this, iron, calcium, and zinc are also found in the peanut, which gives strength to the body by eating it. It is also abundant in vitamin E and vitamin B6. Find out about its seven advantages here.

Health benefits of peanuts

  • 1. Peanut helps in weight loss. Despite the high fat and calorie intake, it does not allow weight gain. In many studies, it has been found that peanuts cannot be grown in low-fat diets, but it helps in maintaining a figure.
  • 2. It also makes the heart healthy. Magnesium, niacin, copper, only acid and many antioxidants present in peanuts preserve the heart.
  • 3. Peanuts improve the digestive tract. It is often seen that problems associated with the stomach in winter increases. That’s why the stomach remains right after eating a handful after eating it daily during this season.
  • 4. It contains plenty of calcium and vitamin D which makes the teeth and bones healthy.
  • 5. Peanuts Pregnant is beneficial for women. The child with its intake becomes less prone to having neural tube defects
  • 6. It provides relief from a cough and colds. Winter a cough along with stomach in the winter is also a significant problem. But the daily consumption of peanuts keeps the body warm and relieves them of these issues.
  • 7. Peanuts also protect against cancer. Reduces the risk of antioxidant cancer, called polyphenolic in it.

Health benefits of peanuts


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