Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages My mum is the best mum in the whole universe. She gives me birth so I am here today. without her m nothing, I am meaningless without her. she gave me everything as she teaches me everything at every step, every moment. when I don’t know how to do this and that thing. and many things Even we don’t have a tongue to speak anything then she gave a mother tongue to me a lot of things .which is unlimited. I can’t explain in words. she is my ideal to learn everything.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages

My day starts with you and ends with you it’s a fabulous day for me and you also.- By Zainab Khan Jaiswal.

It’s a great gift for me which i have you in my life- By Zainab Khan Jaiswal.

Happy Mothers Day

wish you a mothers day as a warmly like your warmly smile By Zainab Khan Jaiswal

As kind like your heart and as precious you are .

Mothers Day

 Thank you for having everything in my life. especially when you sacrifice me everything for my mum I love you a lot, my mummy. By Zainab Khan Jaiswal.

You are my strength,& weakness, both I don’t know why? it has occurred with me but it happens that’s why I am saying because when you are with me I can do anything and when you not then I feel alone without you mummy. please come back mummy I know you are angry with me. and I miss you so much mummy and I know you also miss me a lot so please come to meet me then u should do what you want to do with me. but please come back, mummy. I am waiting for you on daughters day .

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Mothers Day Quotes

For the world, you are a mother and for your family you the world for us. 

My everything is my near but it is incomplete without Happy mum’s day for all beautiful mothers. And For all those have used Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and all social networking sites. -By Zainab Khan Jaiswal.

M – Is for the strong like a marvel.

O – Is for the other can’t take her place.

T – Is for the talent which she has.

H -Is for her kindest and pure heart ever.

E – is for her eyes t is filled with her love forever.

R – Is for the everything is right. which is done by you.

mothers day 2019

There is no hood like motherhood. Ever & never Before.

When you are young you learn me how to Talk, how to walk, how to speak.

Now it’s my turn to do this and I want to learn How to fly in the sky mother.

My mom is making me laugh .make I cry, wiped out my tears. And hug me tight Cheer up for my carrier. watched me succeed watch me fail u watch me doing crazy things.

God is everywhere that’s why he made mothers. because God is residing in mother.

Mother hold my hand for a few years and she is still holding my heart for forever.

I remembered mum all your prayers in which you want only for me and the whole family none of your wishes is included in these prayers. 

You are residing in my heart forever still and forever.

You are filled with unlimited qualities. like motivating, devoting, patience, unselfish, gentle, kind, unconditioned love, creative. and even you understand me when I did not speak anything you can understand easily.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Mothers Day Messages

  ”  Mum’s love with their childeren”

Age 10  – I Love you a lot mummy.

In Age 14 – My mum is too much irritating.

Age 18 -I can’t leave in this house.

Age 25 -Mum you are right forever.

At the Age 30 -Mum forgive me.

Age 50 -I don’t wanna lose you again mummy.

Age 70 -Again i love you a lot mummy.

Happy Mothers Day Messages

I know you are a real kind of mum. you are carrying a lot of things in your bag none of yourself things. like diapers, milk bottles, wipes, and many more things etc.

Man work is 9 to 5 and the mother work is never & ever complete.

A mother is only the person who can understand everything. your past, present, and future.

A mother is the only person who knows you very well about her child. likes or dislikes. habits or bad habits .and each and everything. even if she is working she can do her work properly her office work, as well as her domestic work.she, is very talented in her all work she knows that how to handle her work with proper work management. that shows her time management techniques and she is very well mannered she tells us about manners and learns many more things. which we already know she manages everything very well in a fluent way which we can’t imagine or we cant handled our house like our mother. we can’t imagine our life without my mother, in fact, its just look like a full stop in my life. so, please just take care of her because she is priceless.

Happy Mothers Day

Even you can’t trust anyone just like a mother our mother is very loyal for us she is ever and forever our best friend. like her, no one can take her place.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Happy Mothers Day Messages

A mothers arm are full of relaxation with tenderness and have felt full of relaxation.

Motherhood loves to begin when she born a baby and when she loves to start her baby. And her loves never end forever.

life has not come with a leaflet or any manual. It comes with his, or her mother.

Mothers Day Messages

In our life sometimes the situation is more critical at that time we need our motherhood a lot.

Sometimes nature love is not full fill our requirement because of that time we need a lot of our motherhood.


We can’t imagine any heroism just like a mother. 

Mothers Day qutoes

A mother is like a flower which is everyone is unique and prettiest forever.


A mother love we can’t purchase just because it is priceless. which we can’t afford.

happy Mothers Day

I always pray for you. You are always with me, Love you more than me. and you will live along with me forever.

Mothers Day Messages

In your life don’t ask your mother what she can do for yourself. Just ask yourself what thing you can do for your mother or your family even.

Happy Mothers Day Messages

 Happy mothers day mother thanks for everything your wonderful thoughts, well manners your cooking methods, your suggestions, and many more things which were you are doing when I am not able to do my things.for all your disturbance & All hindrance which was created by me In your life.

I want to be a mother like just you like your caring, precautions for me,


You are a cool mother, very inspiring, devoting, strong, loving, and innocent.

Mothers Day Messages 2019

Thanks for your hugs when I needed you a lot. For your wonderful laps, and thanks a lot for a shed when I was in a problem which was created by me.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages

You are my special person in my life. so please leave with me forever till I end.


Happy Mothers Day Messages 2019- 2020

I am your little princess And you are my angel mom. Never let me go anywhere. I want to be with you forever.

Happy Mothers Day Messages 2021

For my MOM:

  1. My mom is my mum none of your mum which was I told you, my sister. Just because of your mummy.
  2. I am ur that type of your daughter. which is very naughty and only you can manage my naughtiness only your mom.
  3. You are the greatest mom ever & forever.
  4. Thanks for all your jobs have you done for us. happy mums day.
  5. My mother is all rounder she knows every work like cooking, stitching, knitting, embroidery, technical works, and domestic works and many more things which she can do easily in a fluent way.
  6. Hope you that mothers day will be filled with fun & enjoy.
  7. My mom protecting me. when I break her rules & regulation. she handles my situation very politely.
  8. Thanks for everything which you gave me without any money or giddiness.
  9. This mothers day please erase all silly mistakes, and memories which were held by me.
  10. I know I am a very bad daughter because I never obey your orders. Please, now I apologies please forget it all bad memories.
  11. Happy mothers day mum . from your naughty daughter.

Happy Mothers Day Messages 2022

Please forgive my mistake. I know which was my big mistake in my life. but you tell me.what can I do in that situation.which time the selection is between you and my hubby. I don’t have any option on that day.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Messages

  1. Thanks, mom for protecting from hell. happy mothers day mom.
  2. You are my everything I don’t need anything when you are with me. I thanks god to bring you into my life.
  3. Happiest mothers day ever & forever. mummy.
  4. It’s not an easy task to be a mum like you for facing many problems.which was created by me. Fr my suppleness. For all my craziness. Happy mothers day mom once again
  5. Being a mom it is not an easy job for handling any kinds of work.
  6. Happy mummy’s day mom & Thanks forgave me this wonderful life.
  7. Happy mummy’s day beautiful.
  8. My mummy told me many times don ‘t be panic rapidly.
  9. I am glad to know that you are my mom. You glad to know that I am your child and I am extremely sorry for my all silliness and all my mistakes. but I know you understand my feelings very well. that ‘s why I love you a lot, my wonderful mom. and happy mothers day mom.
  10. When I want to count my blessings. It is unlimited. it is very hard to count .please tell my mom how much blessings you gave me I love you so much, mom Thanks for being in my life .after a huge of mistakes

Happy Mothers Day Messages 2023

  1. You gave me life without any demand. you tell what is wrong, & what is right. I am too much lucky too have you in my life. Thanks, mummy for everything gave me which is the priceless mom.
  2. When I need your love mom. you gave me your love drops to me. like a thirsty person.you gave me a bottle of your love. thanks for giving me your love bottles.
  3. Happy mom’s day my innocent mom.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Happy Mothers Day Messages 2024

  1. I will ever need for you mummy. Happy mothers day mummy. and I love you.
  2. My mom is like a rock.to mee, she gave me a steel spinal cord like her. which is helpful to face problems with a smooth and a smiley face forever.
  3. Mom, you are my best friend forever, loyal friend, kindest friend, with your pure love. thanks, mom which things you have all do for me.Happy mothers day mom.
  4. This day is because of you. You made this day. and now I made this day special for you. You picked up and grown up me like a little flower. which is very precious for you.
  5. In the depth of my heart. I wish for you that you become a healthy and happiest mom in the whole world.
  6. You don’t know mummy how much I care for you when you needed me a lot. I will be there for you every time. because I love you, Mumma.
  7. Even my mothers in law she is also my mother she is also a very kindest mom . and the Best mom in the world. she gives me a place for me as a daughter. And she wiped out my tears when my mom is not here. Now I have two mummy one she gave me birth. one she can handle my problems easily after marriage. I am very lucky because I have two mothers in my life. she is also very careful just like my mother so I can’t miss my mom easily when I have she. happy mothers day my mother in law. I love you so much

You are just like my mom. mother in law there is no difference between my mom and you. you are my second mom, in fact, I have to say.i love you both of my mothers.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes, Happy Mothers Day Quotes

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