Happy Dussehra 2018

Happy Dussehra 2018

Happy Dussehra 2018 Dussehra Festivals, Dussehra wishes 2018 and Dussehra 2018 wishes, Dusshera is a big and great festival in India. India celebrated this festival for a long time. This day lord ram killed Ravan. So we Celebrate this festival. This Festival has a nice story behind this.

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happy dussehra 2018

Happy Dussehra 2018

Dussehra 2018: Dussehra Vijaya Dashami more known because of Dasara, Vijaya Dashami. Dussehra means a major Hindu festival celebrated on one end like Navratri every year. It is celebrated on the tenth day during the Hindu calendar month from Ashvin, this seventh month from the ‘Hindu Luni-Solar’ Calendar, which typically happens within the Gregorian periods of September & October.

Dussehra Wishes 2018 | Dussehra Festival Wishes 2018

Dussehra Wishes 2018

On the day, people get Lord Rama victory up Ravana and light the effigies from Ravana, Kumbhkaran & Meghnath.
Then, celebrate the auspicious day like Dussehra Wishes 2018 send that following information, quotes, WhatsApp status on your friends and your family. Spring your problems go up in gas with the fireworks. Spring your peace be multiplied 10 times. Sending Dussehra wishes your system.

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Dussehra Festival Wishes 2018


Dussehra Wishes 2018

#Everyday sunrise to give us a message,
Darkness #will always be beaten by light.
Let us follow the Same natural Rule &
Enjoy the Festival of good over evil,
Happy Dussehra

a time for #celebration,
a time for victory of #good over bad,
a time #when the world sees the #example of the power of good.
#Let us continue the #same true spirit.
Happy Dussehra…

#Troubles as light as Air,
Love as #deep as Ocean,
Friends as solid as #Diamonds,
#Success as bright as Gold.
May you bless #with all these.
Happy Dussehra!

#May God bless you with all #success on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, #May you be capable of defeating #all evils in your life.
Happy Dussehra!


Interesting and Unknown Facts about Dussehra/Vijayadashmi:

Many people do not know about Dussehra festivals much. So here, we have listed interesting and unknown facts about Dussehra festival.

1 – In Nepal, Dussehra festival is known as “Dashain”.

2 – Another unknown fact about Dussehra is that “Dasara” is the national festival of Nepal.

3 – In Himachal Pradesh, It is celebrated as “Kullu Dussehra” in Dhalpur maidan of Kullu valley.

4 – Dussehra is also well known by the name of Vijayadashami, the meaning of Vijayadashami is the victory on the tenth day.

5 – The Dussehra festival is not celebrated only in India but also celebrated in other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Malaysia with great zeal.

6 – The large effigy of demon Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath was burnt on this day along with firecrackers.

7 – Dussehra celebration was started in the 17th century in Mysore.


Happy Dussehra 2018 SMS Messages Greetings Quotes Cards

1. On this auspicious day of Dussehra… I wish you every happiness and his fulfillment of all your dreams. Happy Dussehra!

2. Enjoy the victory of truth over Evil. Happy Dussehra!

3. On this auspicious occasion, I wish the color and beauty of this festival be with you throughout the year. Happy Dussehra!

4. Wishing you a very Happy Dussehra!

5. Wish you success and happiness in everything you do. Happy Dussehra!

6. May this Dasara light up for you. The hopes of Happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles! Happy Dussehra!

7. Happy Dussehra: May this festival bring you all happiness!

8. May your troubles burst away like the fireworks and your happiness be multiplied by ten times. Happy Dussehra!

9. Today, I wish you to have Subh Dussehra 2018!

10. May all the tensions in your life burn along with the effigy of Ravan. May you be satisfied and happy ever. Happy Dussehra!

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