GM Diet Plan: Lose Weight Quickly In 7 Days

GM Diet Plan: Do you have to go to your friend’s wedding and you have only seven days? So there is no need to worry because today we will tell you a diet plan which you will lose 5 to 7 kg in a week.

Start the day with bananas and 1 cup hot water … see the magical effect

The name of this diet plan is GM Diet, whose main purpose is to keep you fit. It is very different from all types of diet plan which is very effective and helps in weight loss right away.

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This is a vegetarian diet plan in which you will have to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. In this diet, you will not have to eat non-wage. This diet plan is known for immediate weight loss all over the world. So let’s know how it is done.

What to eat and not to reduce the waist fat?

The advantage of GM dieting

  • A fit body
  • Glow on face
  • The toxic substances will emit from the body, and you will feel energetic
  • Belly and waist fat will decrease

Talks about Some work

In this diet, you only have to consume fruits and vegetables. While doing this, you have to leave alcohol for a few days before and even a few days of the diet. Drink ten glasses of water a day, thereby keeping energy in the body.

.gm diet plan

First day:

GM Diet Plan: The first day is a little difficult. You only eat fruit on this day, do not eat it. You can eat fruits such as grapes, litchi, and mango. You can eat as much of your heart as you want. It is advisable that you eat mostly melons, oranges, apples, pomegranate, strawberries, and melons, etc. Do not mix anything else in the fruit. By doing this, you can lose up to 3 pounds.

Second diet plan

Second day:

The other day you can eat vegetables only, you can consume raw or boiled vegetables. Eat them until your stomach is filled You can eat a boiled potato during the day. Eating vegetables will give your body plenty of nutrition and fiber.

Third Day gm diet plan

Third Day

On this day you have to eat both fruits and vegetables.Whatever you can eat them, But with this, you will have to drink lots of water.On this day you do not have to eat potatoes because you will get through carbohydrate fruits. On this day you will feel a bit less of your body weight.

Fourth day gm diet plan

Fourth day:

On this day you can eat six bananas throughout the day.You may have heard that the bananas increase weight, but this is a good source of potassium and sodium.The salt that has decreased from your body in so many days he will be finished. You can also drink soup. The soup in should be capsicum, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. You can drink it one time in the day. By eating the banana.

Fifth day gm diet plan

Fifth day
On this day you can provide your desired test to your tongue.On this day you can eat tomatoes, sprouts, and paneer, etc. Make tomato soup on this day and do not forget to drink lots of water. By consuming tomato, your body will be full of water shortage. Also, the body will be cleaned from inside, and uric acid will emerge.

Six Day gm diet plan

Six Day :

On this day you do not eat tomatoes. On this day you will have to eat sprouts, paneer, and other vegetables. On this day you also have to take Tasty soup and plenty of water. Vegetables will deliver you vitamins and fibers. During this time, good changes in your body will begin to appear.

Seventh-day gm diet plan


On the last day of the diet plan, you will start to feel light and feel good both inside. On this day you will only need to eat fresh fruit juices, one cup brown rice or half chapati and other vegetables. Also, drink water.

GM Diet Plan:

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