homemade tips to get fair skin in just 8 days

Special things

1.Due to acne and stains, the skin becomes thick and dark
2.Adverse effect of liver problem is on skin cells
3.Having more sunlight, the complexion begins

Fair skin

Often people’s skin becomes ruddy in the winter season. Applying cream also brings blackness on the skin. In fact, tissues of the face are shrinking from the skin, and the color starts to be moldy. However, everyone has to deal with this problem. Most people do not know how to keep their skin healthy and fair in this season. According to beauty experts, some things can be resolved by continuing a week, the problem of blackness can be solved. Let us know which are the four things that can be used to remove darkness.


What causes blackness?

  • Due to skin problems like pimples and stains, the skin becomes thick and dark.
  • Vitamin A, C, B deficiency leads to stupidity on the skin. This increases the scalability.
  • If the liver problem is long, its adverse effect is on skin cells. This increases the scalability.
  • The effect of the hormonal change is on the skin. This increases the scalability.
  • Having more sunlight, the complexion begins to form.

Fair skin

What are those four things that will be white

1. Black Tea
The black tea is soaked in cotton, and on the skin, the color is white. Along with this, toxins are removed by drinking it. Fairness grows.

2.Aloe vera gel
Put on the aloe vera gel face. Wash it with cold water after drying it. This increases fairness. Drinking aloe vera juice increases the brightness of the face.

3. Coconut water
Put coconut water on the face with the help of cotton. Wash it after ten minutes. Drinking coconut water also removes toxins and increases Fairness.

4. Lemon juice
Mix lemon juice with rose water and put it on the face. Wash it by drying. This causes black spots to become clean, and the grasshoppers grow. This also increases the brightness of the face. The color is white.

Fair skin

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