of course, you do not know the use benefits of tomato 2017

of course, you do not know the use benefits of tomato 2017

if you’ve heard plenty of benefit to consumers of tomato but hardly heard about the benefits of eating tomatoes, which we know today. You came from new research that daily intake of tomato you avoid the problem of skin cancer. Yes, scientists have confirmed the ability of the cancer-fighting tomatoes in the study.


Scientists say that help prevents UV rays responsible compound sun dark red tomatoes. He said that inhibits the growth of tumor tomatoes cancer and may also be helpful in eliminating him. The new study also pointed out that the element called carotenoids in red tomatoes, which helps reduce the tumor.


Lycopene found in tomatoes Chemicals is able to fight cancer. Study co-author Dr. Jessica Kuprston said fruit or vegetables are not medicines, but their consumption of likely diseases are substantially reduced. Here tell that non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common skin cancer in the world. Worldwide, millions of people each year suffer from this cancer.


Ohio State University scientists tested the mice under study. He scored two groups of mice. Tomato powder to 35 weeks in a group of food was plentiful, including the amount and not in another. Then both groups were placed between the ultraviolet rays. The mice that were seen were fed the tomato powder, they are likely to be malignant cancer went down to 50 percent.

benefits of tomato


British Skin Foundation spokesman Dr. Rachel Abbott said plans to test the tomatoes qualities of human beings on the basis of the results of this study. He defended the rays of the sun to avoid skin cancer is very important. You can stay away from the disease largely by eating tomatoes.


In addition to tomatoes are all fruits and vegetables, which are able to fight cancer. Pepper, carrot, and women eat sweet potatoes can reduce the risk of uterine cancer. A research on 15 thousand women over 15 years, the fact has come to light. The risk of deep color with prostate cancer from eating vegetables is also substantially reduced.


Showed clinical trials that carotenoids Sun burn is also helpful to recover. They are stored on the antioxidant compound after eating, especially lycopene skin, which prevents the formation of tumors and cancer. Describes research that tomatoes colon cancer is also helpful in reducing. Nut breast and prevents prostate cancer. The garlic breast prevents colon cancer.

of course, you do not know the use benefits of tomato 2017

Updated: November 14, 2017 — 5:23 pm

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