Skin Polishing & Pimple Cleaning Scrub | Clear Skin Tips For Glowing Skin 2017

Skin Polishing & Pimple Cleaning Scrub | Clear Skin Tips For Glowing Skin


How to make your skin clean, shiny, unblemished skin. Skin Polishing & amp; Pimple Cleaning Scrub


Hello everybody Welcome to My Blog, you are very welcome in the home remedies of Ayurveda.


Today I will share this remedies with this video
With which you can make your face and skin clean, glossy, and immaculate.
So let’s start!
First of all, what materials will be needed to make this recipe!
1. Multani clay
2. Rosewater
3. Coffee
4. Coconut oil


Clear Skin Tips For Glowing Skin

First of all, we will wash our face with water every day with the help of cotton!


After that, we will take a clean bowl
Put 1 teaspoon of coffee
1 teaspoon Multani soil will pour
Half spoon will pour coconut oil
For dry skin!


If you have a skin oily then you will have half a teaspoon of water instead of coconut oil!
Now, add the water as per the requirement and mix it all together and mix and prepare a smooth paste! After that, we will put this paste on your face 10 to 15 seconds
While scrubbing! After that let dry for 10 to 20 minutes!
When you dry, it cleanses the dry towel and cleansing it will make you look all that your skin will look very clean, shiny and absolutely immaculate. So this was my remedies just so much today in this video

Clear Skin Tips For Glowing Skin

Updated: May 8, 2019 — 11:41 am

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