‪Dengue fever‬ Chikungunya virus infection

Dengue fever‬ Chikungunya virus infection


Pune including Mumbai has registered the higher number of deaths due to dengue this year. Out of 34 deaths over this state, there were 17 deaths in Greater Mumbai and 12 in Pune. End year, there were 27 deaths due to dengue, with state health officials accusing the intermittent rains after Diwali of a large number of dengue and chikungunya cases.


Out of 1.5 lakh suspected cases of dengue this year in the state, health officials investigated serum examples of 49,702 victims. “We found a large rate of positivity and at least 6,894 persons examined deterministic to Dengue the year,” Dr. M S Diggikar, Joint Director of Health, Maharashtra, told The Indian Express. Finishing year, there was 1.14 lakh doubted cases and 6,544 persons had examined positive for dengue.


This year, the most number of cases of dengue and chikungunya are from Pune. According to Pune Municipal Corporation officials, a total of 1,575 persons have examined positive for dengue this year while 873 individuals have been identified with chikungunya. There have been five deaths in the city while another six deaths were reported in Pune rural areas and one end in Pimpri Chinchwad. Last year, there were two deaths — one in Pune city and the other in Pune rural areas. Mumbai too registered seven deaths last year.



‪Dengue fever‬ Chikungunya virus infection


Between January and November, Mumbai recorded 1,084 dengue cases, followed by 780 cases in Nashik and 446 cases in Pimpri Chinchwad. The smallest collection of water is sufficient for this vector Aedes aegypti, state surveillance officer Dr. Pradeep Awate said. “It could be water in a discarded teacup or coconut shell; the Aedes aeqgypti mosquito can breed here. While climatic conditions are also favorable for the increase in some breeding sites, state health officials said people’s partaking was essential to command the vector.


Dr. Kalpana Baliwant, in-charge of insect control section at the PMC, said they had registered a total of 21 doubted dengue deaths this year. “We have confirmed that five persons died due to the virus,” Baliwant noted. Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital has ruled out the probability that the ten-year-old girl from Bibvewadi, who passed away on December 2, expired due to dengue.


Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) health officers reported another doubted dengue dying of a 28-year-woman from Erandwane on Monday. “Us will have to submit the data of doubted dengue deaths to the review committee which then homologate whether or not they died of dengue,” Baliwant added.


The PMC assistant medical officer said that the surveillance measures were being strengthened and fogging will be undertaken in areas where most cases have been detected. For example, out of 30 new cases identified in the first week of December, the most cases were from cities like Nagar Road, Dhole Patil Road, Ghole Road, Bhawani Peth and Kasba Peth. “Our group has taken out anti-larval measures at over 28 lakh resident, and industrial buildings and another 2.9 lakh government buildings from June till November finish this year,” Baliwant said.


‪Dengue fever‬ Chikungunya virus infection

Updated: December 13, 2017 — 2:22 pm

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