The cause of acidity is also one of the reasons for food pipe cancer 2017

The cause of acidity is also one of the reasons for food pipe cancer 2017


Esophagus cancer is the common disease of danda Nelli cancer these days. The cases were found in people of 50-70 years, but these days young people are also getting hit.

These are the major reasons


Food pipe is harmed by smoking, cigarette smoking, and long-term acidity problems. This results in acid rifles or irritation after about 8-10 years after the change in shape-texture of food pipe. Ignoring it is to give birth to the disease. They treat acid as a treatment, but there is a risk of future cancer. In which there is food pipe disorder (Alecia cardio), the valve eating of their dining room cannot stop and the food goes straight into the stomach.



Difficulty swallowing food and chest pain are the initial symptoms. Many times people ignore them as normal. Due to which in 90 percent cases this tube is damaged,



In this, dry spray on the dining room, find out the affected area. To ensure cancer, do a biopsy. Then endos optography reveals the depth of cancer. If cancer cells are spread beyond the range of the food tube, then they do the surgery. If there is inside the boundary, then remove the tumor without any telescope.

Narrow band imaging


In this, put 3-4 types of light on the dining table. The color of cancer cells is different from this. A biopsy removes tumors after surgery or with the help of binoculars.

Radio / chemotherapy


In some cases, after the radio/chemotherapy, food and respirators automatically get together. Tracheoesophageal fistula and separate the hose by inserting a metallic stent. Kemo, after the radio, those who are not able to eat anything at the age of 80 also put it in them. If Cancer spreads to the lungs, liver or other organs, then chemo or radiotherapy.



In the early stage, the diagnosis of disease is treated. They are screened in two ways. Chromospheric and eye scan (narrow band imaging)”The cause of acidity is also one of the reasons for food pipe cancer 2017

Updated: November 23, 2017 — 12:30 pm

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