Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor Oil For Hair Growth: Who does not dream of long hair, which can be easily applied to a peak, a bun or simple waves? But given our lifestyle, dirt, and pollution, our long hair goals often seem unrecoverable; it is as long as there is not a simple growth-enhancing solution for your sleeves.

While castor oil or Ricinus Communis is well known for their wonderful health benefits and in many industries have been used for centuries, its benefits for hair often do not go unnoticed. Most of its nutrient content is made of ricinoleic acid, omega-6 and nine fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals.

Through the pressing process, castor seeds are extracted from the seed. Castor oil is mainly yellow with colorless or pale yellow with very mild odor. It feels sticky and thick, before using it, prefer to mix it with lighter grease. There is a total of 18 fatty acids, castor oil is also a humectant, which means that it attracts and retains moisture in hair and skin.

Let’s proceed to know more about how to use castor oil for hair growth and other hair related issues.

Castor Oil For Hair Growth

castor oil for hair

Castor oil is becoming a popular remedy for hair loss and hair is the useful element for regeneration. On average, your case grows up to about half an inch every month. With regular use of castor oil, hair growth can be increased from three to five times the normal rate. This not only spurs hair growth, but the hair is thicker within a few months of use. Castor oil can also make your eyes and eyebrows long and thicker.

The Scientific Reason


Castor oil’s antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal properties make it an effective treatment for infection of the scalp. Its high protein content makes it very valuable to maintain child health.

It also helps in the formation of folliculitis, such as an obstruction, which causes swelling of hair follicles.The abnormally high content of ricinoleic acid in castor oil improves blood circulation on the scalp, ensures better nutrition for hair follicles.

This acid also helps to balance the pH of the head. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants which supports keratin in the hair, making it smooth, healthy and less frizzy.

What Type Of Castor Oil Should You Use


Three types of castor oil are popularly used for hair care – organic castor oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and hydrogenated castor oil. While the castor seeds are originally from Africa, they made their way to Jamaica due to the slave trade.

Organic/Cold Pressed Castor Oil


•Seed directly out of direct heat

•The suppressor uses a mechanical and non-chemical method

•By pressing the cold ensures that there is no degradation of nutrients present in the seed

•It is a light yellow color in color

•If you have curly hair and itch or dry scalp which is suffering from irritation, then it is suggested that you use unrefined, hexane-free organic castor oil because it is less alkaline than JBCO.

Castor Oil For Hair Growth


Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)


•Initially roasted and then pressed for oil.

•Roasted castor seeds are put in the ash oil, which gives it its black color.

•If you have straight hair and a healthy skull, then you are more likely to benefit from JBCO, which is better in penetrating and cleaning.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Castor Wax)


•Created by pure castor oil hydrogenation with the help of a nickel catalyst.
•Unlike regular castor oil, the castor wax is brittle, odorless, and insoluble in water.
•Mainly used in cosmetics, varnish, and polishing.

Note: While the nutritional value of both JBCO and Organic castor oil is same, JBCO is more alkaline, making it more clear oil which can help in open cuticles.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Castor Oil For Hair Growth: Increasing your hair is not about raising the rate at which it grows. Healthy hair growth involves a multitude of other factors like hair health, nutrition, the health of your head, etc. Castor oil is an ideal hair growth solution because it caters to your hair’s various needs so that it becomes thick and healthy. Let’s take a look at Few of the benefits:

1. Controls Hair Fall

Ricinoleic acid present in castor oil improves blood circulation to your head. In return, the health of the follicle and the scalp improves, and hair falls. It strengthens the hair roots by rooting your hair and providing protection against microbes.

2. Encourages Hair Regrowth

90% of castor oil’s nutritional content is made up of ricinoleic acid (5). This, combined with the omega-6 and nine fatty acids, penetrates the hair shafts and roots and nourishes it, restoring its optimum health and boosting hair growth.

3. Treats Dandruff

Treats Dandruff

The Dandruff is usually caused by an underlying issue such as oil skull or itching. The antifungal properties of antiviral, antibiotic, and castor oil make it an effective treatment to fight the Dandruff. Ricinoleic acid is also known for the pH balance of the scalp, it makes healthy and is an adverse environment for dandruff.

4. Reduces Split Ends

Castor oil fills in the damaged interval of keratin in the hair shaft. It enhances the tensile strength of the hair, which reduces the possibility of division and breakdown.

5. Thickens Hair

Castor oil enters the outer layer of the hair shaft. Added regrowth and reduced hair fall make your hair thicker and stronger.

6. Is A Natural Conditioner

Is A Natural Conditioner

Castor Oil For Hair Growth: As we mentioned above, the oil enters the outer layer of hair and fills in any damaged areas of the Keratin. This process, by itself, restores the haircut, restores the hair, it also creates a low shaft due to lack of moisture.

7. Darkens Hair

Castor oil can help you in getting more rich and thick hair naturally. Humectant effect of castor oil helps keep your hair moist in essential moisture, which increases its deep shadow.

8. Protects Hair From Damage

 Fatty acids present in castor oil make a protective layer on your hair and protect it from sun damage and color loss. It replaces natural oils and protects your scalp from the loss due to the hard chemicals present in pigment and hair products.


9. Provides Shiny Hair

As explained earlier, castor oil provides its hair with a protective coat with the shaft. This, in turn, reflects more light and makes your hair smooth and shiny


How To Use Castor Oil To Combat Hair Loss

How To Use Castor Oil To Combat Hair Loss

What You Need

1/2 cup castor oil

1.Take some oil in your palm and tips it through the roots through your hair in the same way you apply your daily oil, and massage works well. Castor oil has dense density, making it difficult to wash. So, make sure you do not use too much oil
2.Leave the oil in for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. You could also leave it in overnight.

3.Due to its solidness stability, it can be a lot of work to wash the eraser oil. You will need shampoo several times to get rid of oil. But this method works for certain conditions, with your hair commercial conditioner take shower before 30 minutes, oil should come easily

4.Once you wash your hair, the towel dries it and immediately avoid using any heat styling tool.
While your hair can be moisturized, it will take some time before you see any results.
Note: This treatment works best on a little damp hair

Castor Oil Treatment For Hair Regrowth

Castor Oil Treatment For Hair Regrowth

Castor Oil For Hair Growth: We know that castor oil is a wonderful element for hair loss and promoting hair growth. But, its dense composition and specific odor can not appeal some. In this case, you can blend castor oil with other beneficial oils so that hair oil can be created which is more of your choice.
The following medicines are a combination of four oils – coconut, sweet almonds, sesame seeds and castor. While you can add or remove the oil by availability and preference, there is nothing like using all these four together.
What You Need

•2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil

•2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

•2 tablespoons sesame oil

•1 tablespoon castor oil

1.Mix four oils and massage your hair with mixing and roots in your head. You can heat the oil for intense penetration.
2.Keep it for a minimum of 60 minutes Alternatively; you can leave it for better results overnight
3.Shampoo closes to wash your hair
This oil is perfect to induce hair growth. You can make it in large quantities nd store it by adding a capsule of vitamin E oil to it to increase its shelf life.

How Often Should You Use Castor Oil On Your Hair

How Often Should You Use Castor Oil On Your Hair

Castor oil works differently for different hair types. This oil depends on your motive behind using this oil.

•People targeted for hair loss need to use oil in less than two weeks a week so that they can see noticeable results. If it is convenient, you can use 3-4 times a week in oil.

•On the other hand, for increasing brightness, use castor oil as a conditioner in a week. The amount of peas is sufficient for this purpose.

•To finish the split, massage your hair twice a day with castor oil or three times a week. If you can, leave the oil overnight for maximum gain.
Castor Oil For Hair Growth
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