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Big Boss 12 Now, know who will be homeless from home, How many voters got to meet the Contestant?

Bigg Boss 12 Is Neha Eliminate Of The House?

Bigg Boss 12 Is Neha Eliminate Of The House? For the first time in the 12th season of Bigg Boss, reality shows Big Boss, see Mad Made Eviction. In the episode shown on Tuesday, Big Boss announced in front of the householders. Bigg Boss said that the show to be displayed on Wednesday I could be out of a celebrity-Contestant house. Even if the episode comes to the TV at 9:00 pm, we tell you that celebrity contestant is going to be homeless today.

Bigg Boss 12 is Neha Eliminate Of The House

This time three celebrity Shri Sant, Karanveer and Neha are nominated to leave the house. According to the handler of the Big Boss, this time Neha could be out of the house from these three celebrities. However, he has not even officially asked this fact. It is being said that Neha can go out of the house today. Neha has got the lowest vote at home once, after which she will be expelled from the house this time.

Bigg Boss 12 Is Neha Eliminate Of The House?

According to the website of Big Boss, the news has so far received 16 Thousand five hundred votes. In this, 6500 Shri Sant got the maximum curry. Karanveer Vohra is at the second place due to getting around 5500 votes. On the other hand, Neha Pendse is behind everyone due to 4500 votes. This is the reason why Neha Pendse is the most chances of being homeless at home this time.

In the house of Big Boss, when any contestant starts to mind more than you are, the Big Boss puts it all the day after the Contestant. Something similar happened this time with three celebrities of the house. For the punishment of the prison, when Big Boss demands a name from the house, then Karanveer Neha and Shri Sant all take their name. While giving Big Boss a reason to nominate himself, he says that he has abused abuses in the house.

All three say to the Big Boss that they want to repent of their mistake. For this, he wants them to be given a sentence of the dungeon. The Big Boss walks in his own way and says to all three that you want to repent. Respecting your point of this, we also nominate you to go to the house every time, after which the nomination boss of this week at home removes the Big Boss.

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