Balanced Diet – By Dietician Zainab Khan


Balanced diet means which food contain all essential nutrients like Energy, Carbohydrate, Fats, Protein, Calcium, Iron, and vitamins and minerals.

in addition, a balanced diet should provide bioactive phytochemicals, such as dietary fiber, antioxidants and other nutraceuticals which have positive health benefits. low glycaemic index foods are preferred a balanced diet should provide around 60-70% of total calories from carbohydrate 10-12 % from protein and 20-25%of total calories from fat.


  1. Meet Nutritional requirement
  2.  Provide phytochemicals
  3. prevents degenerative diseases
  4. Improves Longevity
  5. Prolongs productive life.
  6. Improves immunity.
  7. Increase endurance level
  8. Develops optimum Cognitive Ability.
  9. Helps in coping up with stress

Thus balanced life increase quality of life.



Peoples eating habit very enormously and dietitians must respect dietary freedom and diversity when making recommendations. Dietary Diversity is one of our cultures strengths and sources of pleasure. there are many ways to eat to be healthy. the best way to achieve a balanced diet is to plan meals in relation to other food for the whole day. it is available to eat small regular meals rather than one huge meal.


1. Meeting nutritional requirement – the diet should contain basic four food groups.

2. Meal pattern must full fill family needs – a family meal should cater to the needs of the different members.

3. Meal planning should save time and energy – planning of meals  should be done in such a way, that  the recipes should be simple  and nutritious

4. Meal planning should be considered economic constraints – the cost of meals can be reduced by purchasing and using seasonal fruits.

5. The meal plan should give maximum nutrients – losses of nutrients during processing and cooking should be minimized by sprouted grams, malted cereals, and fermented foods.

Portion Size For Menu Plan

Food GroupsPortion – GEnergy – kcalProtein- gCarbohydrateFat- g
Cereals And Millets301003.0200.8
Meat, Chicken or Fish5010097.0
Milk and milk products100703.053.0
Roots and tubers100801.319
Green leafy100453.60.4
Other Vegetables100301.70.2
Fats & Oils5455


Balanced Diet Chart for Adult Sedentary Moderate Heavy Activity (number of Portion)

Food groupsPortions-GSedentary-ManSedentary-WomenModerate- ManModerate- WomenHeavy- ManHeavy- Woman
Cereals And Millets3012.5915112060
Milk and milk products100333333
Roots and tubers100222222
Green leafy100111111
Other Vegetables100222222
Fats& Oils (visible)5546586


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