Clothing Allergy Five Reasons And Treatment

Clothing Allergy  Five Reasons And Treatment


Every day you wear different clothes, and any clothes can be allergic to you. Many times we do not even know how this allergy finally happened. These six measures will help you to avoid this kind of allergy


1. If you know which types of clothes cause allergy to your skin, try to avoid them. Many times, these dresses also give rashes and wounds on your skin. To prevent this, it would be best to use more natural materials such as cotton or linen.


2. In the case of clothing, choose light colors instead of choosing dark colors. Apart from this, do not use the dyed clothes as equal. Keep in mind also that the color is very light in dyed fabrics. The chemicals used in these colors cause allergy to the skin.


3. Always wear loose-fitting or low-fitting clothes. The more cloth you have on your skin, it will be equally responsible for allergies. You may also have seen the problem of being allergic to wearing tight clothes.


4. When you buy clothes, you might have noticed, some clothes have special instructions, such as Do not Knit Iron, Dirt Replacement or Wash Separately, etc. This means that the chemical or dye has been used in those clothes. Wearing these types of clothes can be allergic.


5. Dirt is also the leading cause of allergic reactions. Always try to keep your clothes tidy. Dust particles and sweating can cause allergies to cause germs


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