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How To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution Following These Precautions

How To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution Following These Precautions

Smog is not fog or smoke, in fact, it is a mixed form of fog and smoke. The word ‘smog’ is a word created by combining two words of English ‘smoke’ and ‘fog.’ This is such a condition of air pollution when harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide polluting the air are exposed to fog. According to WHO, the cause of death of 2-4 million people every year is directly due to air pollution. It can cause problems like asthma, bronchitis, lungs, heart, and allergic reactions.



Air Pollution

Dietists are advised to include certain things in the diet to reduce this effect of pollution, such as jaggery, ginger, ghee, sugarcane, turmeric milk, basil and ginger tea, etc. Junk with anti-allergic properties is beneficial for asthma patients. To avoid allergies, eat laddus made from dry, gum and ghee.




Similarly, sugarcane cleanses our body from inside. There are also many micronutrients in it, which strengthen the immune system. Basil seeds reduce infections, while turmeric and milk work as anti-bacterial. To avoid diseases, additionally include vitamin D, vitamin B12, and carotene in the diet.

Updated: December 10, 2017 — 4:33 am

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